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Harris Creations is a Durban based bespoke furniture company founded by Joel Harris. Inspired by the excitement of fusing traditional joinery methods with modern technology, Harris Creations has been able to produce some of the most memorable furniture made locally. High-quality finishing techniques complete the construction of carefully considered, precision furniture.



Meet the Maker and Founder of Harris Creations

Owner Joel Harris has been woodworking from the age of seven. Born into a family, who for two generations had embraced the craft as either a hobby or occupation, meant Joel had been exposed to many aspects of the trade by the time he matriculated.

Joel worked for a year at a large-scale factory in the board upgrading industry. During this time he gained insight into the world of veneers, profiled mouldings, wrapping, CNC routers and mass production. He then moved on to work as the Senior Carpenter at one of Durban’s most prestigious furniture and kitchen manufacturers. Here he quickly learned the ropes and made every effort to draw knowledge from his extremely experienced co-workers. The key element during this two year period was exposure; from exquisite high-end kitchens, to Decorex feature stands and a Visi featured apartment. In August 2017 Joel made the move to pursue his startup; Harris Creations on a full time basis.

Joel moved to California to spend three months working/living with the highly prolific and successful designer/builder, Jory Brigham in April 2018. His stint there could be described as an adventure of a lifetime.

Eyes opened to a totally different woodwork culture and working in mediums such as steel, concrete and brass, brought new learning curves to the fore. He was able to tour the Greene and Greene suburb, visit The Gamble House and experience first-hand the mastery that is held within their walls. Furthermore, two comprehensive tours of the Maloof Foundation gave him full insight into the life of arguably the greatest woodworker to have ever lived. His tour here included a special private visit to Sam’s personal residence guided by Mrs Maloof.

The vision for the future is to keep the company small and maintain the ethos of a personal approach towards design and building. Our goal is to have a small studio style factory in the Natal area. From here we will be able to produce sustainable volumes of bespoke pieces for our clients.

Joel Harris


Timber Species

All our timbers are purchased locally from timber merchants. Timbers are from sustainable plantations around the world and harvested under strict licensing.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” – Steve Jobs