Reading Phaidon’s “500 Chairs That Matter” will bring to light how many (albeit some crazy) ways the human is able to sit. Whilst some folk cannot stand sitting, it would seem obvious more cannot sit standing. As a builder, this is an ideal predicament as it provides scope for design and construction.

Featured A: Sculpted kitchen nook stool. The design was an evolution of an idea I had whilst working in America. This the second prototype is built out of Pink Beech and features a low back with a hand sculpted seat. It won a design/construction award in a local furniture competition at the end of 2018. Numerous folk of all sizes and shapes have sat in this chair, all who comment on the surreal ergonomics and comfort.

Featured B: Walnut/steel barstool with a “stone washed blue” fabric and custom copper buttons. These two chairs were carefully constructed around the client’s strict design brief. The adjustable mechanism is hidden behind a sleeve which also serves as a footrest.

Designer: Joel Harris, Private Client, Ashley Viljoen