Whisky Cabinets

We love whisky! So much more than a liquid to be consumed, we realize the essence that is the appreciation of the “water of life”. As part of this understand we seek to design units as conversational pieces around which the finest dram can be shared.

Featured: A Walnut and Zenbrano cabinet with brass inlays. This was a special piece and ranks high in our fondest build memories. Four sliding doors, a Sam Maloof inspired knuckle latch and Bluetooth controlled, motion sensitive lighting inside the cabinet… We proved that we are able to undertake incredibly technical builds. At a glance the unit has a mid-century modern feel, yet beneath its framework lies an array of complex joinery, wiring PC boards and code.

Also featured: A collaboration between local graffiti/mural artist Giffy Duminy and Harris Creations. This is a multi functional unit made using premium grade birch ply with hand painted doors. Each mural is completely unique and signed by the artist.

Designers: Joel Harris, Paige Waplington, Giffy Duminy, Duncan Hoggan